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Heart Transplant

If you experienced an unfortunate case of Heart failure, severe heart attack, or other cases causing irreversible damage to your heart, we can help. With our professional services and expertise, we can help you get a heart transplant without adding yourself to a long waiting list and spending years hoping the right donor comes along before it’s too late.

Our experts and consultants specializing in heart transplantation will provide you with all of the necessary solutions and coordination services to make the process less painful, faster, and give you a higher chance of getting your life back without years of unnecessary suffering.

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Our company offers a comprehensive organ transplant package for heart transplants abroad.

We will make all the necessary arrangements so that you can focus on your health andstay as calm as possible before and after the procedure. The package includes the following:

Heart Transplant
  • Our company will make all the necessary arrangements before and during the travel in the relevant country.
  • Medical consultation from leading transplant physicians which will provide you with all the necessary information regarding this procedure.
  • Professional Heart transplant in one of the top transplant centers in the world.
  • 2 round trip business class flight tickets.
  • A private hotel room (4/5 star) including all expenses.
  • All the necessary medical tests and preparation before the transplant.
  • Legal advice by an expert attorney who works for the company and is responsiblefor all of the legal procedures involved in the transplant.
  • An assistant to accompany you before and after your transplant, arranging everythingrelated to the airport, transportation from the hospital and back, setting appointmentswith doctors, support for meetings at the hospital, local orientation as far as going torestaurants, shops, tours and the likes, before your transplant and after it.
  • Medical support of local doctors in the country the transplant is going to be performedin.
  • Cardiac ICU’S after transplant and during the stay where necessary.
  • 10 days of recovering in the hospital after transplant.
  • All of the necessary Medications.
  • Private nurse attendant.
  • Air evacuation if necessary

Each step of your transplant trip is planned and managed down to the smallest detail; youwill not waste any time or money. Whatever your medical needs are, we will do our bestto satisfy them. We are with you throughout the journey to make it as easy as possible – contact us today for a no-commitment free consultation.

The heart transplant procedure is intricate and highly complex and that is why you want to make sure that you are being operated by the best surgeons in the industry, those who have a higher chance of saving your life and giving you many more happy years.

When you combine the right services, medications and treatments for the procedure itself, as well as the recovery period afterwards, you can relax a bit, and focus on getting back to a happier, healthier routine.

The heart transplant list you may have joined is good enough to let you know when a heart is available for transplant, but you have to make sure that when it is available, you will have the best medical aid at hand, as well as the right insurance arrangements, medical documentation, as well as all other required services to get through the procedure as easily as possible.

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