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How should my transplant operation affect my diet?

Major surgeries are a massive trauma to the body. No doubt, our lives are saved, but there is still a need for recovery. After any operation, and especially any organ transplant, we must change our lives in many subtle ways. One of those is how we eat.

The way we eat has a tremendous effect on our body, and we must embrace an eating regime that will help us heal and recuperate. After an operation you need to consult with your physician about your own personal needs. This article will offer guidelines that should be adhered to, but remember to consult a physician in any case.

The first thing you should do is eat healthier; a healthy diet, one that eschews fatty foods, sugar-filled drinks and snacks and generally avoids processed carbohydrates will help your body rebuild itself faster. Fatty foods will often clog up your system, diverting valuable bodily resources that are needed for recuperating to storing fat and dealing with the repercussions of a heavier body. Sugar filled drinks and snacks put your body on a roller-coaster of hyper and hypo glycaemia, and would inhibit any healing process. Processed carbohydrates do the same, and leave you lacking energy and hungry too soon after eating, causing you to eat more, which would put a strain on your system.

The second thing you need to do is drink more than you normally would – after surgeries, blood pressure might be lower than usual until blood production gets back on track, and more water would help with increasing blood volume. You should also stick to water; it’s healthier and better for your body.

The final thing you should do is eat more proteins – proteins are the building blocks on our body, and since you are recovering from a major trauma, you should give your body the tools it needs to rebuild itself. Eat more lean meats, beans, soy, yogurt and eggs to add more protein to your die.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll recover faster and with fewer problems – and again, don’t forget to consult your physician –

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different transplanted organs have different dietary needs, and while these guidelines will serve for all transplants, others might be added.