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Liver Transplant

If you experienced an unfortunate case of liver failure, severe liver damage, or other types of irrecoverable liver disease, we can help. With our professional services and expertise, we can help you get a liver transplant without adding yourself to a long waiting list and spending years hoping the right donor comes along before it’s too late.

Our experts and consultants specializing in liver transplantation will provide you with all of the necessary solutions and coordination services to make the process less painful, faster, and give you a higher chance of getting your life back without years of unnecessary suffering.

Fill out the form to your right, and give us a chance to help. Our company offers a comprehensive organ transplant package for liver transplants abroad.

We will make all the necessary arrangements so that you can focus on your health and stay as calm as possible before and after the procedure. The package includes the following:

Liver transplant
  • Our company will make all the necessary arrangements before and during the travel in the relevant country.
  • Medical consultation from leading transplant physicians which will provide you with all the necessary information regarding this procedure.
  • Professional liver transplant procedure in one of the top transplant centers in the world.
  • 2 round trip business class flight tickets.
  • Full Hotel (4/5 star) including expenses.
  • Pre- treatment assistance – all the necessary analysis, consultation and preparation required for the transplant.
  • Personal assistant in the country of the operation, who is in charge of contact with the hospital; setting up appointments to doctors, tests, support for meetings at the hospital. Care of all your needs such as; translation, airport pick up, transportation, orientation in restaurants, shops, tours, etc.
  • Medical support during your hospitalization and recovery time.
  • ICU’S after transplant and during the stay where necessary.
  • 10 Days of recovering in hospital after transplant.
  • Medical follow-up after discharge from the hospital to the hotel.
  • All the necessary Medications.
  • Private Nurse Attendant.
  • Air Evacuation if necessary

A liver transplant is a very complex procedure; we are not only familiar with the procedure and the fact that most patients have to wait a long time until you actually get a match on the liver transplant waiting list, but we are also aware that you are going through a very difficult time and you could indeed use all the assistance that you can get, to ease off the stress and unnecessary processes, not to mention the paperwork involved.

When you call on us for help, we will ensure that you get access to the best medical aid and surgeons, as we have close connections with some of the best transplant hospitals around the world. We will ensure that every service provided is performed under the purview of the law and we will also ensure that all your insurance-related needs and other documentation are ironed out so that you have fewer things to worry about and can focus on going through the surgery and the recovery period successfully.

Call us now and we would leave no stone unturned in understanding your case from start to finish and only then will we suggest the best way for moving forward. We employ the most professional experts and consultants on our team so that you get the best service always.

Liver transplant costs vary based on a large number of factors, but the main factor is your specific health condition, as well as the hospital and surgeon who will be operating on you. After getting all of the details from you, we’ll be able to answer your questions about the costs of your specific liver transplant procedure.

A liver transplant from appropriate transplant centers can indeed help you live a longer and healthier life. Call us and find out how we can help you with your liver transplant, every step of the way.

At Just Save Lives, we are here for you and we will do everything in our power for you to get a healthier liver and get your life back.

Choose us, Choose life.

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