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Insurance Reimbursements

Insurance Reimbursements

Medical expenses for organ transplant procedures are extremely high. When you are awaiting organ transplant from a hospital that is in partnership with us, it becomes our foremost duty to bestow all our help and guidance to you for getting the refunds you deserve from the insurance company.

Since we have teamed up with hospitals and medical teams that are highly dedicated to their patients, as soon as you are admitted to one of the hospitals for organ transplant, we start the process of helping you to get the required documents so that you can file your claim for insurance reimbursement. We help you to fill in the proper forms and submit them to your insurance company. Our staff has the necessary expertise in medical insurance reimbursement to help you get what you deserve from the insurance companies.

All the relevant documents are processed and passed on to the insurance company for necessary action and we follow up the case with the lawyers who make sure the process moves forward. You will be informed regarding your eligibility for claiming back expense. We help you to raise the claim without any procedural lapses, thereby reducing the chances of the claim being rejected by the insurance company.