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Legal Guidance

Legal Guidance

When you have approached a hospital or surgeon who is associated with Just Save Lives for an organ transplant surgery, it is our duty to alleviate all the fears that you may have about the legal aspects involved. All the hospitals and surgeons, who are in partnership with us, follow the strictest rules with regard to organ transplant. Nothing is hidden from you and you will be informed of all the legal procedures involved in the organ transplant process.

As per the legal guidance, when you get admitted into one of the hospitals which is in partnership with us, we help you go through a thorough medical investigation to ensure your fitness and to obtain the opinions of various specialists. We also help you to fill in the necessary forms enabling the hospital to move forward with the transplant procedures and complete the other formalities.

Our team of legal counselors who are well versed in the legal aspects of organ transplants will meet you and explain the legal aspects of the transplant, as well as answer all your questions and clear up any doubts you may have. We will be happy to guide you in completing all the legal formalities and ensure that the organ transplant that you undergo is performed legally, according to all relevant organ transplant laws country-specific laws.