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Locating hospitals and expert physicians

Locating hospitals and expert physicians

Our association has established important relationships with a select number of high-end hospitals within several countries, which have great experience in organ transplants. Their medical service has been outstanding a patient care renowned. You will be served by the best surgeons and medical staff, who have high level of experience, training, and qualification with regard to transplants.

The hospitals which have partnership with us have been rated very high by the public for factors like the staff available there, condition of the hospital and the service offered, as well as surgery success rates. These hospitals follow the highest ethical standards with regard to transplantation of organs, as well as the best safety measures, thus reducing the risk of infection. The hospitals provide full details to the patient who is awaiting a transplant and attend to all their queries quickly and professionally.

The hospitals in partnership with us have fully trained surgeons and supporting medical staff from, who will be glad to cater to all your requirements. The patient’s health and comfort is of prime importance to them. Cutting edge medical equipment has been provided to them so that they are always ready to handle any situation as required.

On top of that, you will have the option of speaking to an actual patient who underwent the exact same transplant in the same hospital, to discuss the experience and get the support and confidence you need to move forward with the medical procedure with further ease.